Loch Lomond|Scotland

The last stop on my travel around Highlands was Loch Lomond. I did not plan this stop, it only crossed my mind we would drive through the National Park so we stopped in a little village, Luss, by chance. Surprisingly, it was a lucky pick.

Loch Lomond

A with Loch Ness previously, you will stumble upon several viewpoints and small parking spaces where you can take your pictures or just enjoy the views. Loch Lomond is enormous but that is the beauty of it. If you are coming from northwest, you will first see it being rather narrow, but it opens up about halfway through. Compared to Loch Ness, Loch Lomond seems to be used more for water sports and swimming than Loch Ness, which in turn is very touristic place. If you get there on a nice sunny day, you ma enjoy all of the fun.


The best place to go when visiting Loch Lomond is probably the village called Luss. It is very cute village with a bit of Jane Austen vibes. You can find large parking here, icecream, restaurants, a little beach and a few shops. Even though Loch Lomond is not very touristic place, Luss is the most touristic-y place around there. You can even bring your own food and have picnic or barbecue, or go have fun in the water. There are many water sports available on the site.


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