Lavender festival in Tihany|Hungary

Over the weekend, me and my mum decided to go to Tihany and the lavender festival which lasts several weeks (over June). There is also an opportunity to collect some lavender from the fields, but we are not that big of fans, so we decided to only buy already made products. We chose to go with an organized trip by travel agency and when I realized how much time we have over here I got a bit scared about what we will do. Fortunately, the city has enough places to see apart from the festival and so we did not get bored.



The most known point of Tihany is probably the church that was built on top of a hill. You can therefore use it as orientation point when you walk further from the centre as you can see it from everywhere. The inside of the church is very nice just like the surroundings. There is a view for Lake Balaton from the gardens and plenty of restaurants if you walk towards the Echo point building (away from festival).


The city

In the centre of the city you can find little shops that sell all kinds of products – from food, chilli peppers, to lavender products and ceramics. Just off the church and down the road there is a little square with fountain and a few restaurants around.


Lavender festival

A bit further from the city centre, on a huge field, there is a massive “market” of stalls. The market is divided into food & drink part and products part. You can get lavender lemonade, lavender liquor and even lavender ice-cream and cakes. No worries though, there is normal food and normal drinks for anyone who doesn´t like lavender or doesn´t feel adventurous enough to try these out. If you only want to try one, buy the lavender lemonade/water as it is not too strong and tastes nice.


From the lavender products, you can find here almost anything. Creams, soaps, shampoos or the little stuffed animals/pillows for your wardrobe. Again, if you don´t like lavender there is plenty of other products such as wooden utensils for kitchen, welcome notes for you door or cosmetics of other smells and kinds.

Lavender fields

If you want to take lavender with you, there are 2 choices. You can either buy dried bundle in the market or you can head to the field (which is a bit further from the city centre and you would have to take a small road-train to get there) and cut some lavender. For this you will have to buy a sachet to put the lavender in (so there is a limitation how much you can take) and you will also need scissors. You can bring those with you or you might borrow some but it might happen that you will have to wait for them.


All in all it is worth visiting Tihany during the lavender month and the whole city is very busy and full of amazing goodies for your stomach and your skin. An amazing experience and amazing trip!


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