High Tatras Hiking – Bystra lavka|Slovakia

Whenever I go hiking I look for routes that “go in circle” so I can finish where I started. The way to Bystra lavka is one of those and as a bonus there is a cable car from midway down (or from bottom to middle depending on the way you choose) so you have the chance to finish early if you are too tired. And trust me, you might be.

bystra lavka

bystra lavka

The hike started as easy-peasy walk through the forest (starting at Strbske pleso), a bit up the hill but not too much. This has led to the first photo point – Waterfall Skok (meaning bounce). The waterfall is huge, landing into a beautiful mountain pond. Many people walked only to this point and then turned around and went back. If you are ready for something harder and a bit of workout, continue to the top.

bystra lavka

The first climbing comes straight after the waterfall. There is a section where you might need help from chains hanged there as the stones are often wet and slippery. Climbing up above the waterfall, you will find another beautiful pond. Looking ahead you don´t really see where you are headed, it seems like you will just go straight but at one point it will break and you will get to go up, higher and higher for about an hour (or more).



bystra lavka

The last bit of the ascending is the worst because the stones are really large and it is hard to keep going, but once you get to the top it is so worth it! Unfortunately, you can´t spend too much time at the top as it is very narrow (only one person fits through) and you would be blocking the way, but you can take a few quick pictures. There are chains at the top of the mountain again as the stones are extremely large. I even had to pull myself up at one point because I couldn´t reach the next stone. How crazy is that?

bystra lavka

Walking down from the opposite side of the hill was realatively easy, nothing drastic but it is a long walk to make. For those tired (or lazy) there is a shortcut – take a cable car from Solisko to Strbske pleso (where it all begun) or you can walk it down. To be honest though, I don´t think it is worth it.

bystra lavka

The whole hike was challenging and hard if you are untrained. However, if you walk a lot and get to hike at least from time to time, it should not be a huge problem for you. And the view is just amazing.


2 thoughts on “High Tatras Hiking – Bystra lavka|Slovakia

  1. Hi Mishii,
    We did this hike last week. Its a very pretty and beautifull hike. We did it on Sunday what didn’t seem to be the best day. Very crowdy, we stood with 7 people ln the top so nobody could move anymore.
    i already planned the route on card and then after reading your blog ans seeing the pics i knew it was going to be worth it. So thx for sharing this ( and so much more ) on you site.

    greetings from Belgium

    1. Hi Wim,
      I am glad you enjoyed the hike! It is unfortunate you had so many people on the top, but that is what usually happens over the weekend in High Tatras. If you ever go again try the working days 🙂

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