Fort William|Scotland

There are lots of hidden ems in Scotland and I feel like Fort William is one of those. I cannot imagine living there but it is a cute little city for a visit and there are actually some things that you can do there.

Shopping and dining

There is a beautiful street right in the centre of Fort William with good shopping opportunities and good food. The restaurants are usually full, especially during summer as people go there for vacation, so you might want to reserve a table. I have tried two – The Crofter and The Tavern and both had great food but limited space! As for the shopping, you can find sweets, soaps, outdoor clothing, cafes, pharmacy and even Tesco at the very same street. Be aware, majority of the shops close at 5 pm, so if you are going hiking, you won´t be able to go shopping the same day (sweet shop stays open til late).


There are some places to visit as well, if you are not keen on shopping and hiking. You can have a look around the Saint Andrew´s Church and Duncansburgh MacIntosh Church if you like visiting churches. Otherwise there is West Highland Museum (telling story of the regional history) or Lime Tree An Ealdhain Gallery. There is also The Underwater Centre where you can get training for diving if that sounds like something you want to do. Either way, Fort William is located by Loch Eil and it is always nice to sit outside when the sun is shining and just soak up the atmosphere of fresh air, nature and lakes.


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