Hiking In Pentland Hills: Balerno to Flotterstone|Scotland

Some of you may remember I already hiked through the Pentland Hills. That hike was avoiding the hill though and I only walked through the “valleys” and around lakes. This time, I decided to climb up the hills and take all of them at once. Even though I planned...Read More »

Abbotsford House and Gardens|Scotland

If you are interested in Scotland´s history and/or literature, you will probably know Abbotsford was home of Sir Walter Scott. He wrote many books including the famous Rob Roy and had an amazing house! Whether you know him or not, the Abbotsford house is an amazing building telling you about...Read More »

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo|Scotland

I have been avoiding Fringe and all other parts of the august festival for several years. This time, I decided to at least go to the very famous show called The Military Tattoo. It costs a fortune, especially when you want a good place, but it was worth every penny!

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High Tatras Hiking - Vychodna Vysoka|Slovakia

As every year during the summer, I went to High Tatras in Slovakia again for some hiking. The weather was abnormally hot this year with temperature rising above 30°C in the mountains. How crazy is that! Nonetheless, I had a great time and enjoyed the hike, even though it was...Read More »

Hotel Lomnica|Slovakia

When going hiking you often don´t need luxurious hotel, but if you plan on spending there about a week and have other activities going on as well, a good hotel is welcome. That is why I have tried newly reconstructed hotel – Hotel Lomnica. I must admit it was one...Read More »

Loch Lomond|Scotland

The last stop on my travel around Highlands was Loch Lomond. I did not plan this stop, it only crossed my mind we would drive through the National Park so we stopped in a little village, Luss, by chance. Surprisingly, it was a lucky pick.

Loch Lomond

A with Loch Ness...Read More »


When someone says Glenfinnan, you would probably think of the viaduct which made appearance in Harry Potter movie. And that is exactly what I was visiting, along with the beautiful Loch Shiel and monument.

Glenfinnan monument

The moment you enter Glenfinnan, you will spot a tall tower standing in the middle...Read More »

Fort William|Scotland

There are lots of hidden ems in Scotland and I feel like Fort William is one of those. I cannot imagine living there but it is a cute little city for a visit and there are actually some things that you can do there.

Shopping and dining

There is a beautiful...Read More »

Hiking Ben Nevis|Scotland

Ben Nevis sounds like a mysterious place when you are planning a hike. I remember reading you need good orientation skill, be prepared for snow and not go if you are not experienced. Well, it is not true. Not really.


Get a map if you want, but you do not...Read More »

Urquhart Castle & Loch Ness|Scotland

If you have read my previous post you will know I have been travelling the Highlands for 3 days and one of the stops along the way was Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle. I must say, I was not convinced by visiting Loch Ness but it is a touristic attraction...Read More »


I am not sure I am the right person to talk about visiting Inverness since I have only spent 2 hours there, but I might as well give it a shot. At least you will know what to see/do if you only visit Inverness for 2 hours (or a bit...Read More »

Highlands in 3 days|Scotland

Hello readers,

I just got back from the best trip ever. It was a 3 day long trip (two nights) around Scottish highlands and I absolutely loved it! I always knew Scotland is beautiful but this just blew my mind. So if you want to plan yourself a trip for 3...Read More »

Hiking In Pentland Hills: Balerno to Hillend

Pentland Hills Regional Park offer several hiking possibilities. There are easy routes between the hills or there are routes leading you through the tops of hills. Today I will show you one of the easy routes going from Balerno to Hillend.


The deal with this route is that...Read More »

Meeting Highland Coos in Edinburgh|Scotland

On a recent visit by my sister, we decided to go to the Pentlands in search for Coos. Highland coos are a thing for all tourists I believe and everyone around the UK knows them well. They are these massive hairy cows with horns. They do look a bit dangerous...Read More »

Giveaway - Small Travel Set

I was recently going through my samples and mini sizes of cosmetics to check I have everything for my travels and realized it might do a good giveaway. There is lots of us who travel with hand luggage only and so we are allowed only small bottles of products. Or...Read More »

Titanic Belfast|Northern Ireland

One of the main attractions in Belfast is the Titanic Museum. If you ever go to Belfast make sure not to miss it! You can take a guided tour (book in advance) of all the things around or go for self-guided tour which is divided into to parts: Titanic and...Read More »

Weekend in Belfast|Northern Ireland

Another successful trip and another beautiful city! When I decided to go see Belfast I was not sure what the city had to offer and how much there was to see or do. I was nicely surprised when I found out there was lots to do! I also found this...Read More »

Day Trips From Edinburgh

Are you bored of Edinburgh? Or you just want to see some other places but don´t want to spend extra money on accommodation? Here are my top tips for one day trips from Edinburgh.


An obvious trip that comes to everyone´s mind is Glasgow. The most famous places to see...Read More »

One Day In Dundee|Scotland

As usual (lately) I have decided to go on a short one day trip within Scotland over the weekend. I thought Dundee might be nice to see and even though it is a nice city I was surprised by the lack of attractions. Let´s see what you can do there,...Read More »

One Day In Newcastle upon Tyne|England

This weekend I decided to visit Newcastle upon Tyne. I have heard it is not a glorious city, but you know what, I liked it! It has atmosphere, nice city centre and a lot of things to do.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Personally I believe this cathedral is the highlight of...Read More »

Weekend in Milan|Italy

Last weekend I made a short trip to Milan. It was mainly a shopping trip (of course, it is Milan…) but I did get to see some nice places as well and I thought I would share my weekend adventure with you!


The trip started with shopping at the...Read More »

Moravian Village Model in Brno|Czech Republic

On my last visit of Brno I stumbled across a model of Moravian Village in miniature form. It is something like a museum, located in a hidden street and even with the little spaces thay had for use the village is a thing to see.

At the ground level there...Read More »

Hotel Tui Blue Pulse Schladming|Austria

I have recently spent two days in Schladming because of the great skiing opportunities and decided to stay in the TUI Blue Pulse Hotel. Here are my thoughts on the hotel…


Reception is relatively small but nice; there is a small seating area and the desk plus one computer on side...Read More »

Touristic Guide to Brno|Czech Republic

Even though I live close-by I have never been to Brno before. So I decided to go and see the city centre and I must say it is a nice one! We downloaded a city guide from Brno´s webpage and if you ever go I recommened you do...Read More »

Winter Wonderland London|England

There is one special place on Earth to be before/during Christmas – London. I absolutely love the atmosphere of London in December with all the lights on, crispy cold air but mainly the Winter Wonderland. Rides, food, drinks, live music and so much more, all at one place.


I...Read More »

Christmas in Edinburgh|Scotland

Most cities have probably put up their Christmas decorations by now and the bigger cities opened their Christmas markets. Edinburgh is one the prettiest cities but it gets that extra spark when all the Christmas lights are on and you can literally breathe the holidays in the air.

George...Read More »

Museums and Galleries in Edinburgh|Scotland

Often when you travel to new cities you do not think about visiting galleries and museums because, well, they are the same everywhere, no? Actually, some might be surprised by what foreign museums and galleries offer. That is why I am bringing you the guide for Edinburgh´s best museums and...Read More »

Guinness Storehouse|Ireland

As you may know I was visiting Dublin about 2 weeks ago (blog post here) and came across many interesting things. However, I feel the Guinness Storehouse is the well-known attraction of Ireland and it deserves its own blog post.


As probably majority of factories and breweries, the Guinness...Read More »

Cramond Edinburgh|Scotland

Visiting Edinburgh is a great trip on itself but one may often feel trapped in the city hustle and stress. Therefore I am bringing you an idea for one day trip within the Edinburgh but located in quiet and peaceful area – the Cramond.

Cramond Island

The best taste of nature...Read More »

See Dublin In Two Days|Ireland

Dublin! That is a place to be. Especially over the weekend when everyone is partying and getting drunk in the local pubs. I have wanted to see Dublin for quite some time and I finally had the opportunity to go for 2 days. Everyone says there is not much to do...Read More »

Duddingston Edinburgh|Scotland

Over the weekend I decided to go and explore (for me) unknown parts of Edinburgh. It was a beautiful weather and so I decided to go somewhere close to my place so that I could walk there. Instantly, Dunddingston crossed my mind.

Duddingston Kirk

I didn´t really know what...Read More »

Oktoberfest in Edinburgh|Scotland

Surely everyone knows of the great Oktoberfest that happens in Germany every year. Unfortunately, it is quite an expensive thing to go to and so I was very pleased to hear Edinburgh was organizing its own Oktoberfest.

Unlike the German Oktoberfest, Edinburgh only had the “festival” on for 5 days....Read More »

Lauriston Castle|Scotland

Over the weekend I decided to go see some places I have not been to before in the Edinburgh. One of these was Lauriston Castle, which is located close to the Crammond area, so basically at the end of Edinburgh. But it was a trip well worth it.

The Lauriston...Read More »

One Day in Stirling|Scotland

This semester of my uni, I have decided to travel a bit more. The first stop on my journey across UK was Stirling. I have spent one long, rainy, yet beautiful day in Stirling. Leaving from Edinburgh, it is only about 1 hour ride by train, so you are there...Read More »

Visiting Bratislava Castle Gardens|Slovakia

It took 3 tries to finally get into the gardens. Not because I would get lost, or because it is hard to find. No. It is super easy to find the gardens, but the Bratislava castle was being used for political meetings during the summer months because of EU chairmanship and stuff....Read More »

Edinburgh Zoo|Scotland

I feel like ZOOs are always a good choice of weekend program, especially if they are large enough to have them as a whole day trip. Edinburgh ZOO is one of those where you can easily spend the whole day and you still won´t have enough.

The park

The...Read More »

Edinburgh`s Riding of the Marches|Scotland

Previous weekend there was a huge annual celebration in Edinburgh dating back to 16th century. 280 horses came from Edinburgh outskirts directly to the high street, accompanied by young musicians and counsellors. The riding was originally introduced to announce boundaries were clear, today, however, it is more of a celebration...Read More »

How To Effectively Pack the Luggage

We all want to take as many things with us as possible when we are travelling. I have learnt to cut down a bit on the amount of my things, but if it ever happens that I need to take a lot, I have a few tricks that can help...Read More »

Trip to Smolenice|Slovakia

I became a person who needs to do something all the time, see places, have fun. Therefore it often happens that I wonder around over the weekend. That was also the case with Smolenice. For all I have known there was a beautiful castle only opened during summer months, so...Read More »

Hauswirth Chocolate Factory|Austria

I bet everyone has seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and most of us probably wanted to go there and see for ourselves as well. Or if not that exact factory, at least something real and normal. So I went and here is what I think.

Hauswirth Chocolate Factory is...Read More »

Hinterbruhl Mine|Austria

An old mine changed into cave? And the largest underground lake? Yes! Hinterbruhl mine is not far from Vienna and is worth paying the visit. You can see how it worked, hear some stories and sail through the lake.

The entrance is...Read More »

Laxenburg Castle|Austria

There are so many castles is Europe that it is almost impossible to see them all. I have seen many and can say that Laxenburgh castle is one the prettiest castles. It is relatively small (the building itself) but the gardens around are huge. You could easily spend the whole...Read More »

High Tatras Hiking - Sliezsky dom to Lysa Polana|Slovakia

Often, when you go hiking to the mountains, you want to have a perfect view so the route you are going to walk has to be hard enough to get high up and ideally short enough so it doesn´t take whole day. One such hike in High Tatras is from...Read More »

Grand Hotel Bellevue|Slovakia

Visiting High Tatras again, I decided to try a different hotel, mainly because of its location (to be closer to the starting point of a hike). Truth to be told, I have stayed in better hotels before, but it wasn´t all bad. Grand Hotel Bellevue is old reconstructed...Read More »

High Tatras - Lomnicky Stit|Slovakia

If you ever find your way to Slovakia, make sure to visit the famous High Tatras. There is one place that is a must-see for everyone – the Lomnicky Stit. A cable car will take you up to the second highest mountain peak of High Tatras for the best view...Read More »

Travelling by car - tips

I know most of us will probably travel by plane these days, but sometimes you are forced to travel by car instead. It can take anything from few minutes (which I am not talking about here) to many hours. And those long rides are the worst. So how do you...Read More »

Pajstun hiking|Slovakia

Over the weekend I decided to go for a short walk/hike in the beautiful surroundings of Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. I have heard many times Pajstun was a great and famous place to go. You can start from either Borinka (shorter walk) or Marianka (2 hours longer) and...Read More »

High Tatras Hiking - Bystra lavka|Slovakia

Whenever I go hiking I look for routes that “go in circle” so I can finish where I started. The way to Bystra lavka is one of those and as a bonus there is a cable car from midway down (or from bottom to middle depending on the way you...Read More »

Wellness Hotel Borovica|Slovakia

On a recent visit of High Tatras we decided to stay in a wellness hotel close to the most famous mountain lake – Strbske pleso (few minutes´ walk). Wellness Hotel Borovica is suitable for anyone, including kids and elderly, providing great accommodation with food, drinks and wellness.

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Mykonos Blu Grecotel|Mykonos

If you ever decide to go to Mykonos, it is very important to choose the right hotel as there is not that much to do around. Mykonos is a small island with limited options for trips, hence majority of your time will be spend at a hotel. I spent 3 days...Read More »

Lavender festival in Tihany|Hungary

Over the weekend, me and my mum decided to go to Tihany and the lavender festival which lasts several weeks (over June). There is also an opportunity to collect some lavender from the fields, but we are not that big of fans, so we decided to only buy already made...Read More »

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London|England

On my recent stay in London, I checked in to the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. It is a beautiful old looking building right across the street from Kings X and connected to the St. Pancras station. I was expecting a lot since the hotel has great rating and...Read More »

Spending 3 days in London (again)|England

I have been to London so many times that I felt lost and unsure about what to do on my (then) next visit. I have googled and searched but nothing so interesting was coming up. After a while of thinking I decided I want to go to Greenwich, visit the...Read More »

Church and Monastery of St. Catherine|Slovakia

Not far from the capital city of Slovakia (about 1 hour drive), you can find the most amazing and beautiful old ruin of church and monastery of St. Catherine (there called Katarinka). It is located in the forests of Male Karpaty close the city of Dechtice. Because it...Read More »

Fun activities in Edinburgh|Scotland

Visiting a city often leads to the traditional visits and must-sees. But many cities are more than that and you can find some fun activities for both kids and adults. Here are some tips for fun activities in Edinburgh.

Camera Obscura

One of the best and funniest activities in Edinburgh is...Read More »

Beauty and Skincare Travel Essentials

Travelling often requires you to select the best of your skincare and beauty products. Especially when you only have carry-on luggage and you need small packages. Here I show you what I carry with me on travels in term of make-up and skincare (i.e. not including shampoo, soap,…).


The only...Read More »

What to see in Mauritius

There are many places to see while visiting Mauritius, but time is everything and tourists often need to choose the best ones. Here are mine top ideas for trips in Mauritius.

Le Caudal Waterfront

Port Louis

The capital city is always a must see. Port Louis...Read More »

All You Need to Know About Mauritius

Not so large island, called Mauritius, is located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. The area of Mauritius is only about 2000 km2 (65*45 km) and the population is estimated to be about 1 million. The capital city of the island is Port Louis. Mauritius was fought for by the French and British nations which...Read More »

Swimming with Dolphins|Mauritius

I got to swim with dolphins! Yes! A dream came true. Now, this was not THE swimming with dolphins where you are in a pool and can touch them. This was swimming with wild dolphins, swimming above them, along their side, behind them… they were everywhere around you. The sad...Read More »


When you travel you often get to try new foods. Sometimes, you fall in love with them and want to learn how to make them. While being in Edinburgh I came across their dessert which tastes amazing and is very simple to make. Here we go.


You will need:

500 ml double...Read More »

Blumarine Attitude Hotel|Mauritius

Arriving to your destination, all you want to do is get a nice place to stay, have some food and go to bed. Especially after 17 hours of travelling. When I arrived at the Blumarine Attitude hotel in Mauritius I was kindly offered homemade ice tea and seated...Read More »

Casela Nature & Leisure Park|Mauritius

Whenever I go and see a city or a country I look for zoos, botanic gardens or safaris to enjoy the variety of animals at one place. Hence, while in Mauritius, I decided to visit the Casela World of Adventures, which is a mixture of zoo, safari and...Read More »

In the Footsteps of Harry Potter - Edinburgh|Scotland

A lot of people know there is a studio tour and theme park dedicated to the movies of Harry Potter. Unfortunately, not so much is known or spread about the true origin of Harry Potter. The books started and finished at one place, Edinburgh. There are several sites that inspired...Read More »


From time to time it happens that I fall in love with some kind of food on my travels. When I was in Cyprus I discovered this amazing cheese – Halloumi. Good news, it is sold in the UK and some other states as well, so I can have a...Read More »

How to Spend a Weekend in Edinburgh|Scotland

When it comes to visiting Edinburgh it is really hard to decide what to see, where to go and what to do as this city is full of amazing things. But when you first come to Edinburgh it is usually only for a weekend and you would probably want to...Read More »

Trip to St. Andrews|Scotland

If you ever find yourself wandering around Scotland or you want to have a one day trip from Edinburgh, make your way to St. Andrews. It takes about 3 hours to get there from Edinburgh, but it is a cute little city that will take you back in time and...Read More »

Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour London|England

As a person who grew up with Harry Potter, I always wanted to go anywhere and everywhere that had something to do with the books or movies. And now, finally, at age of 21, I got to go and see the Studio at Warner Bros. The excitement when I...Read More »

Camera Obscura Edinburgh|Scotland

Camera Obscura in Edinburgh is a world of optical illusions. The tour starts at the top of 5 floors tall building giving an amazing view of surroundings. A member of staff performs a quick show using camera obscura where you can see the city from a dark room while talking about...Read More »

One Day in Dubrovnik|Croatia

Not too long ago I managed to have a short trip to Dubrovnik where I spent about half a day. It was sweet and short with extremely hot weather to accompany me! Dubrovnik is a city where you could spend more than half a day just wandering around, but this was all I...Read More »

Woburn Safari Park | England

woburn safari park map

Not far from London, England I found this amazing safari park where you are free to drive around and look at all amazing animals, including monkeys, tigers, giraffes, etc. Woburn Safari Park was a nice one-day trip and can be enjoyed by both, kids and adults throughout the...Read More »