How To Deal With Period Pain

Every girl knows what I am talking about here. Cramps, pain, headaches, stomach-aches, back pain and what not. It all happens, sometimes separately, sometimes all at ones but we all need some sort of tricks and help to deal with these. Here is what I have tried over the years and what worked and didn´t work.



This is the most talked about advice for period pain – apply heat on your underbelly if you have cramps. I often use hot water bottle or those cute little animals that you can pop in the microwave, but some enjoy heat pads. To be honest, heat doesn´t really do much for me (I guess I am weird), but most girls that I know swear by hot water bottles. If you don´t own any of these things, run yourself a hot bath, it should work just as well.


There are lots of herbs that can help you deal with pains as such, not only period pains. But when it comes to period I like drinking tea from yarrow or marigold. Yarrow is especially good for getting rid of cramps, just leave it in hot water for 10 minutes and drink as hot as possible. Marigold is good for any kind of problem; it can help with muscles, cold, virus, etc. If you have regular painful periods you can start drinking the tea few days ahead. I promise it will work.

lazy day


I know moving and doing exercise when you are on your period and have cramps and all sorts of pain doesn´t sound appealing BUT it really does help. I found that walking or hiking are the best options for me, but some like stretching or yoga. You will need to try and work out which type of exercise suits you the best. If you really don´t want to exercise during you period try moving the day before.

A lot of liquids

It is very important to drink enough water. Now, I am a person who struggles with the daily water intake but I love drinking tea during my days which helps me with my liquid intake. Drinking enough water will help you rid the body of cramps and headaches.


Sleep is the best medicine for everything! If you can fall asleep while being in pain I am seriously jealous. If I am ever so lucky to fall asleep it really does heal, but if you are like me and can´t fall asleep while in pain, there is only one more thing we can do.



For me, pills are the last resort. Often necessary, but I try to avoid pills if I can. There are numerous pills that are freely available but if you need something stronger, see your gynaecologist or GP who can prescribe something stronger.

Most of all I wish you strong nerves and enough chocolate bars!


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