Do you ever think you have way too many things and especially things you don´t even use or need? I realized that a while ago so I decided to declutter. I went through several Marie Kondo videos and felt really inspired but, her way of getting rid of things was a bit too much. Nonetheless, I used her technique just not in such a brutal way.


The biggest pile was definitely the one of clothing. I took out all things except for undergarments, tights and socks. I piled the rest, including handbags, on my bed and started going through every single piece. If I liked it and wear it at least from time to time then I kept it. And if there was something I have not use/worn for over half a year or it was damaged/not wanted anymore I put it on a separate pile. This way I managed to get rid of several pieces.


The same went for shoes except for the half a year rule. Obviously you can´t wear your winter boots in summer and your flip flops in the winter so I just thought about whether or not I like wearing them. I only got rid of 2 shoes which is not amazing, but at least something.

Documents, Cosmetics and the rest

I stopped at shoes, even though I was contemplating decluttering my cosmetics as well but the I know I won’t be able to throw anything away (I spend money on it so I want to use it all up) so I didn´t go through that. If you have a lot of cosmetics, use the same strategy. What you don´t use, get rid of. If you have any old documents, receipts etc. throw them away. I do this throughout the year and I usually burn the sensitive documents just to be safe. And if you have too many things in your kitchen or living room, again, declutter.

Sorted out pile

Now that you have your things to get rid of, think about their condition. If they are any good you can donate them to charity shops or sell them. If they are in not so good condition have a look around you if there are recycling bins for clothing and take them there.


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