Do you ever think you have way too many things and especially things you don´t even use or need? I realized that a while ago so I decided to declutter. I went through several Marie Kondo videos and felt really inspired but, her way of getting rid of things was...Read More »

Starting Bullet Journal

Lately, I have heard a lot of people were bullet journaling. I was always more diary and to-do list girl, but I decided I would give it a shot since I started using monthly planners recently. Bullet journal is a great ways how to stay organized (other techniques here)...Read More »

Getting Organized

September is here! And with that comes school, university or just a fresh start at your works after holidays which ask for new stationary and new organization system. I, personally, love getting organized, creating to-do-lists and plans for the week/month so I thought this might be of help for some.

Daily...Read More »

Summer Essentials

It is a rainy day here in Scotland but summer is finally here, in its full force, so I thought I would talk a bit about my summer essentials. These include food, cosmetics, books, etc. Don´t forget to share yours.


Let me start with the obvious – sun protection cream/spray...Read More »

Home Remedies For Herpes

Oh it happened again. That annoying thing on your lip called herpes. Lucky for you, I have some tips on how to get rid of it using home remedies.

Aloe vera

My personal favourite is using aloe vera. Whether it is a fresh one or in a cream, aloe works wonders. I...Read More »

Losing Connection With Home

Have you ever felt like you are losing connection with your home? With the place where you spend your whole childhood? With the people? Because I am feeling it right now and it is scaring me a bit.

I have been living away from home for 4 years now. First 2...Read More »

How To Be (more) Happy

Being happy in today´s stressful life style is really hard for some. But it doesn´t have to be. I have some tips for you for how to stay happy and motivated.

1.) Stop thinking about past. Keeping your mind occupied with what happened, what could have been different, what you messed...Read More »

Getting Organized (Stationery Haul)

In today´s world where we all stress out and get busy so badly that we tend to come late everywhere I find it important to reflect on the time management and get organized! To help me do this effectively I decided to buy new stationery specifically designed for such use...Read More »

Afraid of Commitment

I know people, people who avoid getting into relationships. Now, there are many reasons why one might do that but a common one is being afraid of commitments. And I must admit I used to be afraid as well. As Valentine´s day approaches I feel the urge to write it is...Read More »

Happy New Year!!!

I cannot believe it is 2017 already! Where has the time gone? I still remember being a small little nothing going to school for the first time and here I am now, in my last year of university and typing this post reflecting on everything that happened in the past...Read More »

Christmas Traditions|Slovakia

As in every country the traditions change from family to family but I will try my best to write down the main “events” of Christmas and the most traditional food.

Tree decorating

It is not usual to decorate the house as such in Slovakia, but everyone decorates their trees. This may happen...Read More »

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas is just behind the corner at this point and many of you would have already bought presents for your friends and family. If you are asking yourself how to wrap these in a bit of creative way, look no further. Here are my tips.


If you are really lazy or...Read More »

Running Routine

Hello friends,

I thought I would share my running routine today with you. A lot of people often ask what to do before or after running to keep healthy so I decided to write this short blog post on what I learnt during my running.

Before the run

The first and most important...Read More »

Christmas Gift Guide

Hello friends! Are you still struggling with presents for this year´s Christmas? I definitely am! To help you a bit I thought I would write a short gift guide.

For the small ones

Anyone who has small kids or babies in their family will know it is the easiest out of...Read More »

I Suck at Uni

I feel like I have not wrote anything life related for quite some time and since I am currently in my last year of university I thought I would share this experience and all my emotions that come with it. I really hope most of you are enjoying your time...Read More »

Evening Routine

Many people have routines in their lives, especially morning and evening routines, but I thought I would share mine with you for some inspiration as mine is a whole session rather than simple routine. This “session” often starts after dinner for me, but it changes slightly from day to day...Read More »

How To Deal With Period Pain

Every girl knows what I am talking about here. Cramps, pain, headaches, stomach-aches, back pain and what not. It all happens, sometimes separately, sometimes all at ones but we all need some sort of tricks and help to deal with these. Here is what I have tried over the years...Read More »

Lazy Day

Every so often it happens that I am not keen on getting out of my bed and all I want to do is just do nothing. Be lazy for one day and neglect all I have to do. I do not necessarily like these days as you waist so much...Read More »

Loving Recently

Over the past few months I have tried so many things that I decided to share some I loved with you. These include cosmetics as well as food and other things.


Everyone likes dry shampoos, right? I have tried something new and used baby powder instead of dry shampoo and...Read More »

Acne treatment

A lot of people, especially young adults, deal with acne these days. I don´t know whether it is caused by the food we are eating or the air we are breathing but there are many remedies for your acne. Here are some I have tried and some I have heard...Read More »

Having a summer internship is a good thing

I know a lot of you may think – unpaid job? No thanks. But internships, whether they are for the summer or for one year, are good for you and your future. I myself didn´t want to have and internship, because working throughout summer and not being paid didn´t sound...Read More »

What is in my bag

I change my bags quite often, especially when I am travelling, but I noticed that I always keep certain things in. If you want to know what I must have in my bag wherever I go, keep reading.

Starting from the most important – purse. My latest addition is the...Read More »

How I deal with panic attack and relax

Sometimes, life is not all glitter and sunshine. It happened to me on several occasions that I had a panic attack where I could not do anything just curl up on my bed and cry, trying to catch my breath. It never made much sense afterwards, but in that moment,...Read More »

Swimming with Dolphins|Mauritius

I got to swim with dolphins! Yes! A dream came true. Now, this was not THE swimming with dolphins where you are in a pool and can touch them. This was swimming with wild dolphins, swimming above them, along their side, behind them… they were everywhere around you. The sad...Read More »

Perfume favourites

Over the past few years I have tried many perfumes but only a few of them stuck with me. Once I find a perfume that I like and that suits me I do not ever change it for anything else (I only add new to my collection). Right now, I...Read More »

Morning Skincare Routine

Every morning I spend about an hour getting ready (shower, makeup, putting clothes on and breakfast), so I try to minimize my skincare routine to as little products as I can. I only use 2 or 3 products to keep it quick and I believe there is not much dirt...Read More »

DIY Acne-Fighting Face Mask

The magic of home-made face masks consists in the possibility to tailor it for your skin type. You can play around with beneficial ingredients until you find something that works. Such an example is nutmeg and honey face mask that is good for fighting acne and acne scars. And as...Read More »

You know best

A lot of people say mother knows best. They are right in some sense. Mother really knows best when it comes to washing, cooking … just kidding 😀 … of course, they know us really well and who would we be without our mothers? But there is only one person...Read More »

Night Time Skincare Routine

The best part of the day is when you can take your entire make up off, cleanse your face, put a face mask on and relax. My night time routine changes as I do not use peeling or face mask every day, but here are all of the products I currently...Read More »