Sulance (Potato Dumplings?) With Nuts

Today I share a recipe for one of the traditional Slovak meals: Šúľance (a.k.a. potato dumplings shaped like worms). I love them and they are easy to make!


You will need:

250 grams potatoes

75 grams plain flour (or as needed)



Ground nuts or poppy

Powdered sugar


What to do:

Cook the potatoes (properly, they need to be really soft), peel them and mash. It is not a huge problem if you have small pieces of potato, but try to mash them as much as possible. Mix with flour and salt and make into dough. You don´t want them to be sticky, but be careful with flour, you don´t want them white either. Just make sure it doesn´t stick to the bowl.

Boil fresh water in a pot, take the dough and divide it into smaller parts/pieces. Now create the shape or worm, make it as long and as “fat” as you want to. I usually make them up to 10 cm long and about 1 cm wide. Place these little dough worms into boiling water and let cook. They are done when they float on top.

Take sulance out of the water; add a bit of butter and mix. Sprinkle some nuts or poppy mixed with sugar over the top and enjoy!


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