Hello Fresh food subscription box

With so many subscription boxes it was matter of time until food starts getting delivered. And I cannot be happier about how it worked out. There are several companies that offer such subscription, but the one I am using is Hello Fresh (This is in UK only I believe but I have a discount code for you at the end).


There is a choice from 7 meals every week. They change all the time so you get to try so many recipes. You can get classic box or vegetarian box and you can choose boxes with 3-5 meals for 2-4 people I believe. So it is very customisable. In case you forget to choose your meals from the 7 offered, they will assign them to you, so you don´t have to be stressed out about that. Once you order your first box you also get access to all the recipes from the week, not only those you chose. Amazing, right?!


Your box will contain recipes and carefully packaged food. Those that need to be kept in fridge are packaged in separate bag with ice to keep them cold, but you do need to place this food in fridge as soon as you get the box. The rest of the food is divided into smaller bags with colour-coded tags which are matching your recipes. The great thing about the box is you only get as much food as needed for the amount of people you chose, so there is no waste and you do not have to think about “what to do with that one potato left”.


One of the biggest positives for me is that they deliver on Sunday. That was I can make sure I am hope to accept the box. Hello Fresh also uses on of my favourite delivery companies DPD, as they give you an hour slot, so you don´t have to sit at home all day long waiting for your box to arrive.

If you would like to try Hello Fresh here is a discount code for 25 pounds off your first box!


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