TV Club: April – Brain Games

Oooh I wish there was more. That is what I thought when I finished watching the Brain Games. Why you ask? Because it is amazing!

Brain games is an amazing TV series where you get to play games and it is safe to say you will almost never win. It is all built around your brain and senses coming together and creating something that does not exist. Or creating something that everyone creates. Or just blankly staring at the screen thinking “wow”. The best part? Everything is explained.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt brain games

If you are curious about how your brain works and you want to know why we something see things differently or hear things differently, make sure to watch this. If you want an explanation of why some people are competitive and what that does, if you want explanation of stress influence on your brain and body or an explanation of fortune-telling here is your show. And if you want to have even more fun, watch with someone and share the results of games, share your thoughts. It only gets better.


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