The Bees – Laline Paull

Most books we read are about humans and we never stop to question why. This time I stumbled across a book about bees and the hive and I decided to give it a shot. After all, it sounded really unique and quite interesting.

Short summary

The story follows life of a working bee in kin Flora. She is meant to be a sanitation worker but because of her strength and determination she was promoted to being a forager. While she serves the queen she discovers the functioning of the hive and learns many important things that will help her later in life. As she becomes older she lays 3 eggs even though she is not allowed to, but she manages to hide it from the whole hive population to raise the future queen.


Overall this was a very interesting book with unusual story and characters. I found it very captivating from the beginning as it is not often that the whole book revolves around animals. I enjoyed the story and the ending was unpredictable. That being said I found the whole thing too complicated to imagine and understand. The fact that bees didnĀ“t have names, only kin names was a bit confusing as I never knew which Sage was involved. Also, the hierarchy of the hive was not completely clear and the hive was not described well enough so one could follow the interior paths – it was hard to orient.

Rating: 8/10


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