Show Stopper – Hayley Barker

I am going back to my youth and reading YA this time! And a good one!

Short summary

The Show Stopper is a story about 2 young people living at two different extremes of society. One is a son of politician who lives in well-guarded house, has plenty of food, great education, etc. They call themselves Pures. The other character is a young girl of the same age participating in Cirque. However, she is not a Pure but a Dreg which basically means she is a slave except much worse. Pures believe Dregs have no emotions and no brains and that they are basically not even humans. Therefore, Pures kill Dreg out of necessity as well as for fun. But as in every story, and ultimately real life, there is an exception – Pure boy who believes Dregs are human as well.


This is definitely a very interesting read. I feel like at points it is more than YA – from the very beginning I had a feeling the author was pointing directly at our society and what has been going on recently around the world. I admire how she was able to take a tough topic of minorities, immigration and all laws going the wrong direction and make that into YA fantasy just by pushing it to the worst extreme. It is scary to imagine this could one day be us.

The story was very gripping and the reader wants to know what is going to happen next but at the same time I found myself feeling disgusted at certain places to such a measure that I wanted to put the book away (if one has a great imagination some of the pictures are just a bit too much). The story is amazing, characters are likeable and there is that silliness of falling in love in first sight which canĀ“t be missed in any YA. The language and structure of book were also really good and easy to read and I also enjoyed having the story told by two characters. Another thing I could clearly see is the motivation the author offers for young adults. She shows that your heart and brain are stronger than anything else and you are ultimately to do what you believe is right. That I love!

Rating: 9/10


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