Le Morte DArthur – Sir Thomas Malory

I love Arthurian legends and stories! I have read several blogs, a book, watched movies and TV series. You get it. But I never read the original book, or what is considered to be the original until now.

Short summary

So as everyone knows, Arthur grew up in a family which was not his blood related family. He became a king after UtherĀ“s death by taking a sword out of stone, since no one else could. He married Guinevere and even though they had more or less happy marriage, she loved Sir Lancelot. Arthur had a child named Mordred with his sister who in the end killed him. There are many smaller stories about knights in the book which I am not going into here, but they do describe what was happening in the kingdom while Arthur was the king.


As I said, I knew all the stories already, but wanted to have a look at the original version. But straight away I regretted my choice. The text is written in old English so it is extremely hard to read and I was thinking about giving up every 50 pages. Even if the language was all good and easy to understand, the author gave away all important points in the first chapter. By the end of first chapter we knew Arthur is going to become a king, get married and die by hands of his son.

Also some events are left unexplained. Like how old was Arthur when he became king? Because it sounded like he was 3. Then, how was he able to take the sword out of stone? In comparison, T.H. White had a beautiful story about every single important event ad it just all made sense. Plus it was easier to read. So if you want to read a story about Arthur, go for The Once and Future King by T.H. White.

Rating: 3/10


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