Goodbye, Vitamin – Rachel Khong

I am being very unlucky lately with my book choices. I thought I heard good things about this book but now I am not sure. Don´t get me wrong, it wasn´t too bad, but I wouldn´t say it was good either. So what is this book?

Short summary

A 30 year old woman, after a break up with her fiancé, moves in with her parents for a year. Her father suffers from Alzheimer´s disease and she has to deal with his change in moods and forgetting along with her mother´s strange cooking plans. She soon realizes the situation is worse than she thought, however, she tries to help the best she can while living her own life along the way.


The book starts with throwing several characters and their names at you but without deeper description. This makes it hard to remember who is who and I found I had to go back a few times to see who they were talking about. There is also little connection formed between the reader and the characters because of the lack of detail. Nonetheless, the book provides a good view into life of those with Alzheimer´s and their family.

The format of this book was not something I would enjoy. It felt as though bits and pieces were torn out of someone´s diary and glued together. Some stories were to short leaving you thinking what the point of putting them in was. Sometimes it felt as a bizarre collection of unrelated stories, especially at the beginning. The narrator also seemed to change about half way through. The first half was written as storytelling and the second half was written as if it was a letter to her father. It was a bit confusing and strange; inconsistent. The story, unfortunately, wasn´t strong enough for me to like the book ad look over the inconsistency in writing.

Rating: 3/10



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