Book Club: April – Satin Island

Hello booklovers!

This moth I chose to read a book from Tom McCarthy who was praised and shortlisted for booker prize. The book I chose is called Satin Island and I am sorry to say this but no matter how much I try I just don´t understand this book. I have no idea what was the point of this book and I was really disappointed by the non-ending ending. But let me break this down for you.

The story

So this is really hard to describe but the book is basically written form U´s point of view. It is as if the reader was in someone´s head and had to follow all his disorganized thoughts and ideas. Majority of the book was about stories from news like oil spills or dead parachutist and a project U was working on. When I was reading this, at first I thought there were too many unimportant details. Then I thought I was following someone´s brain processes and by the end I concluded I had no idea what author was trying to say or do here. I often felt like the stories or points being made were disconnected and went from one to another without any connection. And when I read the description of the book I am even more confused. Literally, I am lost.

The main characters

There is one main character called U and they several others of which I will only mention 2 – Madison and Petr. U is obviously a very lazy person who would rather procrastinate and investigate murder that is not even murder than work. He always seems to care too much about information coming from the news and I would guess he is close to experiencing information overload. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know what is happening in the world but I feel like he is taking it too far.

Other characters were net really described in depth. Madison – girl for sex with ridiculous story at the end of the book and Petr – boy with cancer who dies by the end. That is all we know about them, basically. And this makes me think, what even is the point of having such characters in book? It did not add any value to the story. Just more annoying stories with details that no one except for U seems to care about.

All in all, this book is somewhat relatable on the note that everyone´s mind wanders and a lot of times our brain processes don´t make any sense. However, the stories put in were so unrealistic it almost hurts and I feel like I wasted several hours of my life when reading this book. Sorry Tom.


1.) What do you think was this book about? What did the author try to say?

2.) Why did U never concentrate on the generally important things like his job?

3.) Why was Madison so strange?

Next up (if you want to be prepared): Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis


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