Beneath the Skin – Sandra Ireland

When I read the description of this book I wasn´t sure what is was going to be like and what the story could be, but it sounded good enough for me to keep the book aside and read when I can. And here is what I think about it after finishing it.

Short summary

An ex-soldier who has nothing left and has one foot missing gets a job at a taxidermist. There are two more people living at the household with the taxidermist, her sister and son of her sister. While Alys, the taxidermist, is a strange person most likely with a mental disease, Maura, her sister, takes care of the household, her sister and their father. All of them have issues or bad memories originating from their past and none of them wants to talk about them.


The book started off rather slow. I didn´t really know what the story was about and it felt a bit strange. I knew it was a thriller but it didn´t feel like it. It felt a bit like one of the many books about metal disorders instead. This was until about halfway through. Then it started turning into actual story and I started connecting with the characters, but felt a bit confused about it still. And then right before the end (last 60 pages maybe?) were what I have been waiting for – thriller. It got very creepy and got me scared and I had to finish it without break, without food. The last bit was amazing and saved the whole book!

Also, the story as set in Edinburgh and I absolutely love Edinburgh and know all of the places, so it was nice to connect in yet another level. And the author gave really great description of various places mentioned, so that was a job well done. If you don´t mind weirdness and slow starts to the books, I would absolutely recommend this, however, if you are like me and would rather jump straight into a proper story, you might want to avoid it.

Rating: 6/10


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