Le Morte DArthur - Sir Thomas Malory

I love Arthurian legends and stories! I have read several blogs, a book, watched movies and TV series. You get it. But I never read the original book, or what is considered to be the original until now.

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So as everyone knows, Arthur grew up in a family which was...Read More »

The Bees - Laline Paull

Most books we read are about humans and we never stop to question why. This time I stumbled across a book about bees and the hive and I decided to give it a shot. After all, it sounded really unique and quite interesting.

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The story follows life of a...Read More »

Show Stopper - Hayley Barker

I am going back to my youth and reading YA this time! And a good one!

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The Show Stopper is a story about 2 young people living at two different extremes of society. One is a son of politician who lives in well-guarded house, has plenty of food, great...Read More »

Buy Buy Baby - Helen MacKinven

Another book done! This one was an easy read with relatively interesting plot and a “bit of Scottish fun” (or torture) as a bonus. That is Buy Buy Baby by Helen MacKinven and here is my review.

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Buy Buy Baby is a story about two different women who are...Read More »

Into the Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynes

I have not read a crime book in quite a while so I might be influenced by that but I absolutely loved this book! It was exceptionally long and took me about 3 weeks to read it, but I enjoyed it a lot and wold definitely recommend!

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A young woman...Read More »

Beneath the Skin - Sandra Ireland

When I read the description of this book I wasn´t sure what is was going to be like and what the story could be, but it sounded good enough for me to keep the book aside and read when I can. And here is what I think about it after...Read More »

Goodbye, Vitamin - Rachel Khong

I am being very unlucky lately with my book choices. I thought I heard good things about this book but now I am not sure. Don´t get me wrong, it wasn´t too bad, but I wouldn´t say it was good either. So what is this book?

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A 30 year old...Read More »

Cold Calling - Russell Mardell

I must admit Cold Calling by Russell Mardell is not my cup of a tea, but I wanted to give it a go anyway and give you a nice review of the book, so here it comes.

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Two characters, Ray and Anya, are hung up on their past. They live...Read More »

TV Club: June - The Circle

I have not been watching many movies or TV series lately but when I saw The Circle on Netflix, I just had to watch it. Not only am I a big fan of Emma Watson, but the topic of the movie was very interesting since social media and internet as...Read More »

The Handmaid´s Tale - Margaret Atwood

If you are following Our Shared Shelf you know that this month´s read is The Handmaid´s Tale. I, as many others, have decided to give this book a go and here is a short summary along with what I think about it.

Short summary

The republic of Gilead takes all women who...Read More »

Book Club: June - Corkscrew

This month´s choice is more on the independent author note and it is the Corkscrew novel by Peter Stafford-Bow. To be honest, I was afraid of what I was getting myself into but it is amazing!

The story:

This book tells a story of how to become one of the best wine...Read More »

River Out of Eden - Richard Dawkins

When it comes to popular science books I do tend to get rather critical and sometimes confused. The thing with me is because I have studied Biology, most of the comparisons are very confusing for me, but I tried to put myself in shoes of person with little biological background...Read More »

The Once And Future King - T. H. White

I have just finished reading The Once And Future King by T. H. White and wanted to share my thoughts. It is the classic Arthurian epic based on Malory´s writing (however, you do not need to read that beforehand) and one of the famous works of past century.

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The book...Read More »

Book Club: May - Till We Have Faces

This month I again decided to read C. S. Lewis. This book, however, is completely different from his other work. This book is the story of Psyche and Cupid from Orual´s (Psyche´s sister) point of view and I absolutely loved it, even though some sections of the book were not...Read More »

TV Club: April - Brain Games

Oooh I wish there was more. That is what I thought when I finished watching the Brain Games. Why you ask? Because it is amazing!

Brain games is an amazing TV series where you get to play games and it is safe to say you will almost never win. It is...Read More »

Book Club: April - Satin Island

Hello booklovers!

This moth I chose to read a book from Tom McCarthy who was praised and shortlisted for booker prize. The book I chose is called Satin Island and I am sorry to say this but no matter how much I try I just don´t understand this book. I have...Read More »

TV Club: March - Beauty and the Beast

I know, everyone is talking about this movie now and this might be the last movie you want to see me write about this month, but I have to! I loved it!

I am not going to talk about the story – everyone knows the story. (If you don´t, shame on...Read More »

Book Club: March - Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ

This month I decided to dig into more psychological books. One of the very recommended one is Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and I can only agree that it is worth reading if you are interested in knowing how EQ can work in your favour.

“The story”:

It is probably obvious but...Read More »

Giveaway - The Book Club

This month I decided to have a giveaway dedicated to books since I love reading and I believe everyone should read (at least from time to time). I chose a relatively popular book which probably a lot of you have read or seen it be made into movie, but some...Read More »

Tv Club: February - Full House

This month I dig deep into old TV series. I don´t really know what was the reason why I started watching Full House this month, but I absolutely love it! Even though it is older than me.

The story is easy – everyday life of a young family with a little...Read More »

Book Club: February - The Screwtape Letters

About a month ago I was watching a video, more like interview, with a close friend of C.S.Lewis and he motivated me to read Lewis´s books. This month I chose the Screwtape letters as I have heard it was good and it is only around 100 pages so it is perfect...Read More »

TV Club: January - Trolls

I am sure all DreamWorks fans have seen the Trolls already (and I am late again to the party), but I thought I would still write about this movie since I loved it so much.

This extraordinarily cute movie has been out for about 3 or 4 months now, but I...Read More »

Book Club: January - The Miniaturist

I know I am late with reading this book as it was praised and written like 2 years ago, but this month I have read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and loved it! I must say I was not sure at the beginning but it surprised.

The story:

A young woman moves...Read More »

TV Club: December - Gilmore Girls (Netflix series)

I bet everyone has heard about, if not seen, the Gilmore Girls. They are awesome! They are amazing. And everyone loves them! AND THEY ARE BACK! Thanks to Netflix.

I was so excited to see the new episodes (more like movies) of the new Gilmore Girls that I decided to watch...Read More »

Book Club: December - The Death And Other Highlights Of My Life

I will be honest with you all, I bought this book – The Death and other highlights of my life by Sebastian Niedlich, because of its cute cover, but it turned out to be a really good book! I have heard some reviews where people didn´t like it that much,...Read More »

TV Club: November - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

I feel like this month was packed with new amazing releases but I am sure no one will be surprised by my choice of this month´s movie. A lot of us Harry Potter fans have been waiting for this moment and I am so happy it finally came. The Fantastic...Read More »

Book Club: November – Furiously Happy

As usual, I am bringing you the latest addition to my book club. This time it is a bit different, I went down the road of mental illnesses and true stories. I have to admit this book is so out of what I usually read, but I quite enjoyed it....Read More »

TV Club: October - Merlin

I love fantasy, especially when it is connected to important historical moments. Merlin TV series is exactly that.

The story is about Merlin coming to serve Arthur, but he cannot tell him about his magic abilities since Arthur´s father would kill anyone performing magic. At first Merlin and Arthur hate each...Read More »

Book Club: October - The Name of the Rose

This month´s book is one that I was supposed to read in my young ages – while being in high school. I think I might have been too young then to appreciate it, and though I started I didn´t finish it. So this month I have decided to finish this...Read More »

TV Club: September - Nerve

I had my sister coming over during the last weekend and because we had nothing planned for the evening we decided to go to the cinema. Now, I am not a fan of cinemas. It is cold in there (at least in UK cinemas), the tickets and the food are expensive...Read More »

Book Club: September - All the Bright Places

While reading this book I really considered not using it for book club but after I have finished reading All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven I knew I had to write about it. It is not the style of writing that got me, or the story itself. It was...Read More »

TV Club: August - The Shannara Chronicles

There is a brand new TV series that I have recently found and I instantly fell in love with it. I am talking about The Shannara Chronicles – full of fantasy and magic.

The story starts with a competition of elves to enter into the guarding position. Girls are unusual at...Read More »

Book Club: August - The Cormoran Strike Novels

This month´s book club is all about Cormoran Strike series written by Robert Galbraith (a.k.a J.K.Rowling). I love J.K.Rowling and when I realized she had new books I jumped right at the option of reading them. And I loved it!

The story:

The story is very different from the well-known Harry Potter...Read More »

TV club: July - The Vampire Diaries

There is something I need to say. My favourite show of all time is at the end and so I decided to talk about it as my July TV recommendation. The final season is coming our way and even though I love this show so much, I am happy it...Read More »

Book Club: July - The Life List

I have recently finished reading The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman and I enjoyed it so much that it made me want to share this with you. If you have read this book, please, let´s talk about it! (I have some questions to help the discussion get started). If...Read More »