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As you might know, I have bought the collection of Zoella perfumes from her X-mas collection not so long ago (haul here). These are miniature and so perfect for travelling or even trying out if you can´t find your scent as there are 4 in the box.

Blissful Mistful

Starting with the first one that was ever out, this is a nice scent that isn´t too strong or too sweet even though it is slightly floral – it is light and discreet. It is rather neutral, feminine and suitable for everyone. Remember it is a body mist and so it is not going to last too long, probably about half a day. This is true for the rest as well.

zoella body mist

Let´s Spritz

This very fresh citrusy smell is great for anyone who doesn´t like sweet scents. It smells like a mixture of berries and citruses, especially lemon or orange. This perfume would be perfect for the summer as it reminds me of citrus trees and fruits as such. Also this scent is very energizing – so I use it during exercising.

Sweet Inspirations

The Sweet Inspirations body mist is my personal favourite. The smell reminds me of caramel or some cake such as macarons, maybe even marshmallows. Even though it smells sweeter than I would normally wear, I still enjoy it on occasions. It is not overpowering, still relatively delicate and feminine.

zoella body mist

Bake My Day

The latest edition of the Zoella perfumes is Christmas themed (of course). This is a gingerbread scent and even though it sounds weird it is actually ok. The gingerbread scent is not strong and fades away after a while leaving you with completely different smell. When you first spray it on it smells like a mixture of gingerbread and a sweet cakes but it instantly changes into gingerbread only (a bit dull though, not like freshly baked gingerbread man). Later on it changes into vanilla and chocolate scent.


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