Top 5 Autumnal Nail Polishes

Keeping in the topic of autumn, I decided to show you my favourite nail polish of this season. Autumn for me is very colourful but on deep dark tones so this is what I chose.

Topshop Nails Heart of Gold

When I think of autumn, first think that comes to my mind is yellow/gold leaves. So, of course, I need a gold nails polish. I never bough many nail polishes from Topshop but they are not half bad. This one lasts a few days, but it might as well be caused by the glitter which is mixed in to the nail polish – glitter always holds better. Either way, it is not crazy glittery gold but a nice subtle one that you can wear every day and I like that.

Kiko Milano Power Pro Nail Lacquer

I wish I could tell you what shade this is but there is no mention of name or colour anywhere on the bottle. But it is beautiful nark blue with metallic glitter which seems green and purple. It almost reminds of night sky when applied to nails except it is not that dark. Again, sparkle and a bit of darkness is exactly what I imagine with autumn.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 480 Wine Stock

This is one of my all-time favourites. The deep red wine colour is gorgeous and can be worn any time during the year, but autumn is especially great as it fits with the red coloured leaves. It says ´miracle gel´ but you do not need a lamp; it is just a nail polish that reminds gel in the way it looks and feels. It doesn´t chip and lasts for a good week, which is pretty amazing for a nail polish. If there is only one nail polish you can buy, go for this one.

GOSH 625 Mysterious Mauve

As with deep dark red I absolutely love mauve colour. It is dark in a sense but it doesn´t look almost black. I love how it is close to dark purple but it is brown at the same time. Mauve is just a special colour. This nail polish also lasts relatively well even though it can´t beat Sally Hansen above.

BarryM Nail Paint 714 Bespoke

For those who like to stay in pinks and neutrals but still would like to go to the darker shades, try this BarryM nail polish. It is beautiful pink but in a bit of darker shade. Not too dark, it still looks pink; it is just not bright and goes better with the mood of shorter and darker days (can´t believe we are there already).


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