Skin Chemists Products

I have recently purchased 2 products from Skin Chemists London and want to share my feelings about these. First of all, they are so expensive… but I think it might be worth it. Second of all, they smell so good. Now let´s get to it!

Glycolic Professional Peel

When I first applied this on my face, my skin literally burned. It was only for a minute or so but it was kind of painful. Second time when I applied it, it was all good. I think my skin might have had a bit of scare because I do not use glycolic acid very often but now that I have used this peel I am becoming a believer. I can feel the product goes deep into my skin and clears all the gunk out, which is, of course, what I want. There are very small and gentle peeling particles in so you do get a bit of exfoliation as well, without it being too harsh.

There are several yummy ingredients in the peel: glycolic acid which will clean almost anything, cactus extract which contains vitamin E and purifying clay which will help with your oil issues. All of them acting together will keep your skin looking and feeling perfect! It feels nourished, soft and clean.

Rose Quartz Hydrating & Illuminating Day Moisturizer

I use this moisturizer in the morning. I like that it has a subtle scent (like rose) which will not fight with you perfume or any other products that you put on. It is really light-weight and goes on easily. You really do not need much (2 pumps for whole face and neck should be enough) so it will last you forever. They claim this moisturizer should smooth, illuminate and refine your skin which so far seems to be true.


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