Skin Chemists – Glycolic Peel

I am always in search of masks and products that would help treat my acne. Most of the time they donĀ“t work. But from time to time I manage to find a real gold. This mask is one of them. The only unfortunate thing is that it is crazy expensive (but so worth it).


So as with every face mask, you need to wash your face first, get rid of any make-up and oiliness. You only need a little of this mask, have a thin layer rather than thick one – it is ok if you can see your skin through the layer of mask. Apply all over your face, avoiding eyes, of course. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes. It will dry down a bit and it will burn/tingle. Once the burning feeling stops you know you can wash it off. Whilst you are washing the mask off it will work as a peel since it has micro granules in. If you have sensitive skin this might not be the best face mask for you, but to be honest I have a bit of a sensitive skin as well and can cope with the burn and the mask itself.


You might not notice the difference after first use but I promise you, if you keep using it, you skin will clear up. I used up one pot and my acne is almost gone. If you can afford it, use it regularly, if not, just use it when you break out (like I do). The burning should not leave your face red, maybe a bit pink-ish but not too much. If it does, stop using it! If it burns too much, stop using it. I only had good experience with this mask and even though it burns every single time it is something I would do again as my skin never looked better.


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