Natural Beauty Products Haul

When it comes to my health and health of my skin I like to look at what I am giving to my body and so I often choose natural and organic products. I recently had to stock up on some of my beauty products and thought I would do a little haul post for you.


I have tried many shampoos during the last few years and when I finally found one that I absolutely loved they stopped making it. So I started searching again, this time within the natural products range. I have had this one before and enjoyed it so I bought a big bottle this time. I am talking about A´kin Lemongrass Shampoo which not only smells great but also cleans hair efficiently. The consistency is a bit funny since it is not exactly liquid – it is something between jelly and liquid, but I love it nonetheless.


I have recently noticed that my teeth are sensitive not only to cold or sweet drinks/food but also to some types of toothpaste. Therefore I decided to try a natural product and found one that is perfect – Jason PowerSmile Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste. The consistency is again different from most toothpastes, it is more solid so if you are not careful it will fall off your brush, as soon as you start brushing your teeth it behaves as any other toothpaste. And it is whitening as a bonus.

Nail polish remover

Again the same case as with shampoo – my favourite nail polish remover is not being made anymore so I am trying something new here. The Fresh Therapies natural nail polish remover seemed promising. Looking at it now, it looks a bit oily so I am curious to know how this will work since I have not tried it yet! And it smells lovely, like tea tree oil and nothing like the strong nail polish remover smell. I already like it.

Micellar water

I also decided to buy new natural micellar water as it is something I use on daily basis and want to reduce the amount of chemicals I put on my face. This one is Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water and even though I have not tried it yet there is not much that could go wrong with this product.

Foot Creme

Last but not least from the beauty products is Burt´s Bees Coconut Foot Creme. My feet are really dry and this claims to deeply moisturize the feet so I am really curious what magic it will do!


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