Mario Badescu Skin Care

A few days ago, I found my skin became very unhappy and broke out horribly. My skin was lately in quite good condition so I don´t know what happened here but I needed products to come for rescue. So I found Mario Badescu.

Glycolic foaming cleanser

The worst thing is I got pimples and acne even on my back, not only face, so I thought I´d better buy a good cleanser. I have heard about the amazing properties of glycolic acid, have done some research (price considering) and decided to give this cleanser a go. It is very gel like but lathers up nicely. Be careful though, if you get it in your eyes it stings as hell. It smells nice and has some natural plant extracts in, which only makes it better. To be honest, I have only used it about 4-5 times, as I am not sing it every day (you are not recommended to) but I can already see the difference. Worth a try if you have acne problems!

Silver Powder

If you need additional product to apply directly to your spots, try the silver powder. This is good to clean all and any impurities (like blackheads) but also pull excessive oil out. You only need to leave it one for 10 minutes but because it is a powder it is going to be everywhere! I suggest putting it on before shower or standing above sink for the last 5 minutes since I could literally see the powder fly around! Anyhow, it works, my skin was not oily at all (at it usually is super oily) and it dried out my spots. So, good job Mario Badescu!


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