Lush Haul

Let me just say one thing straight away… I love Lush! It is not cheap, I have to admit, but the products are of great quality and they are trying to save environment as much as they can. But I am sure you know all of that so let´s go straight to my shopping.

9 to 5

This product is my all-time favourite. I have been using it for years now and can´t imagine my life without it. It is a facial cleanser infused with natural products and oils so my skin is always clean, fresh and hydrated. They say it is meant for quick cleansing in the mornings but I use it as my “main cleanser” in the evenings (that is on days when I don´t wear make-up, when I wear make-up I use a stronger cleanser).

Ro´s Argan

One thing I hate doing is using body moisturizers, mainly because my flat is cold and I can´t be bothered to wait in the cold while the lotion sinks in. This, however, is body conditioner which is to be used in shower and washed off so it is perfect! You can put it on and leave a minute while you wash your hair and then rinse it all off. And the smell is absolutely amazing!

Avobath bath bomb

I feel like Lush is known for their bath bombs and they truly make the most amazing bath bombs. This one contains oils from avocado, lemongrass and bergamot, among other ingredients, and it smells soooo good! I don´t even want to use it because it makes my bathroom smell so good but at the same time I can´t wait to use it.

Don´t Look At Me face mask

Because I brought back 5 empty pots I got to take a free fresh face mask. I love face masks in general, so this is a great deal for me. I chose this blue coloured one as it gives you a bit of peeling as well and I do need that from time to time! And it contains a nourishing butter to keep your face nice and soft.


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