L´Oreal Botanicals range

As you might know, L´Oreal has a new hair care range: Botanicals Fresh Care. I bought 3 out of 4 products to try out, these are in the Coriander set for damaged hair. The whole Botanicals rage is made without silicones, parabens and colorants and is infused with natural ingredients.


First of, let me just say, I love bottles with pumps 🙂 and so I fell in love instantly. But the product inside this amazing bottle is even better. I have lately been using organic shampoo and always had to use 6 pumps (I know it is a lot!) so when I used 3 pumps here and it foamed/lathered up as crazy! So that is already a great thing, you do not need much. I love how it smells, it leaves my hair soft and shiny and feeling healthy.


This is one with rather creamy texture but it is easy to massage into hair and doesn´t slip. Again, the same lovely smell that stays in your hair and it works. It is easy to brush the hair after washing and hair is soft.

Hair mask

Again creamy texture here, you do not need a lot and it seems to keep hair happy and moisturized. The same smell, same effect. Love.

There is one more product: hair oil, but since I have one and it takes forever to use it up I thought I would skip it. I can only imagine it being as great as the rest of the range though. One negative thing I have to say, there is no “how to” on the back of the bottles and tubs so I don´t actually know whether the conditioner is a leave-in or wash-out, and it doesn´t say how long you should keep the mask in your hair (I assume 3 minutes from the other languages at the back).


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