Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder

According to all fashion magazines, bushy and undone brows are & will be trendy. They would prefer girls and women not to fill their brows in, but my eyebrows are literally invisible in sunlight and I have some places where I visibly miss two or three hairs. I must say I never plucked my eyebrows, I was born like this… and it sucks. I decided to start filling in my brows about a year ago but now I found another little helper that darkens my brow hairs a bit and fills them in without it being so obvious and visible. Here is the magic!

I found this Collection Define & Perfect eyebrow powder. I wasn´t really sure whether to buy it or not but I wanted some product for travelling so that I could leave my brush at home (I normally use Anastasia pomade) and this seemed perfect since I do not like using pencils. It says it is “easy blend powder to fill and enhance your brow shape” and it does just so. It is a powder that you swipe through your brows, be careful though, it does stain a bit. However, if you apply it with care, it can transform your light brows into darker and filled-like without the actual colour being visible on your skin.

It is perfect for everyday wear, even if you are wearing mascara only since it looks so natural, but you can easily pull it off for an evening event as well. It is possible to layer it a bit if you want your brows fuller and darker but I really do prefer the slightly undone look without the colour on your skin. Have you tried this product? Or do you have your favourite that you would swear by? Let me know so I know what to try next!


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