Beauty Products Fails

I must admit I was a bit unlucky lately when picking up new beauty products and some of them really suck! I am here today to warn you, these products are not worth it!

Hair masks

I have bought not one but two hair masks within one month that are just not good. They might work on your hair but my hair hates them. The first one is the Organic Shop Avocado and Honey hair mask. It leaves my hair a bit tangled and as if coated in wax. This is only for one or two hours and then my hair is back to normal (I suppose the hair has absorbed all that stuff which should be good?) but I still hate that feeling straight after washing. It doesn´t smell nice or bad, it is very weird smell but bearable. However, I do not feel like my hair gets any better.

Second fail of this month is the Organic Surge 2 minute hair mask which is meant for dry and frizzy hair. I do have dry hair, especially at the ends so I thought yeeey, hair mask for me. Honestly, I would only buy this mask if I had curly hair. This hair mask leaves oily residue on your hair so it looks like you haven´t washed your hair in 2 days. Again, I suppose it is good for your hair to have oil infusion but just how badly it looks? I can´t go out like that!


I decided to try new mascara after long time of going back to the same one and now I am sure I should not have done that. The L’Oreal False Lash X Fiber Mascara is good mascara, it does the job and your lashes will look prefect – I do not doubt that. But the fibers that you put on keep falling in my eye after wearing it for a few hours. The last thing I want to do is cry my eyes out on a night out because I have false lash fibres in my eyes! It is a pass for me.

The next product that ended up in the bin is the B. Confident CC cream. I remember writing blog post about it but you know what, I changed my mind. I hate this! The CC cream is very hard to blend and just sits on the skin for the first 5 minutes, then it start sinking in (literally) and when you try and take it off at the end of the day you can see your pores filled up with the CC cream (gross I know) making it really hard to remove.


This one is not too bad and I can still find use for it, but it is not the best product either. The Madara Herbal Deodorant does its job in a sense. As long as you keep not sweating you are ok – no smell, nothing. If you sweat too much, however, the deodorant is not going to survive and you end up smelling a bit. So if you are staying in and want to freshen up, good, use it. If you are going for a run you better find something else.


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