Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Matte Lipstick

I am constantly on a hunt for better and better lipsticks that would stay put during the whole day as I am lazy to reapply all the time. I have recently bought the praised Beauty Bakerie lip whip in Versailles and I put it to test.

Instantly, when I first applied it, I thought it was going to be amazing. And it is so close to being amazing. It applies easily as it glides on like nothing, but you do have to be a bit faster than with other matte lipsticks as it dries down pretty fast. The brush is really nice as well since it is not double sided like in some cases but only one sided – which makes it easier to apply appropriate amount of the product.

As for pigmentation it really is well pigmented and I believe you could make two coats if you really wanted to, but one is enough. And the stay? It stayed on perfectly during my food and while I was drinking while I was not paying much attention to the fact I was wearing lipstick. So good job! As long as you don´t bite/scratch it off it will stay on for many hours, maybe even the whole day. There is no transfer at all and it is smudge free.

The one thing that bothers me with this lipstick is fact that it dries your lips so much. When the lipstick dries down you can see every wrinkle in your lip and it will feel so horribly dry. I usually don´t mind when matte lipsticks do this but in case of the Beauty Bakerie I couldn´t resist to lick my lips all the time and later on in the day I started biting it off because it was in my way. Also at the very beginning when it dries down it feels a bit sticky, but that will soon pass.


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