Lush Haul

Let me just say one thing straight away… I love Lush! It is not cheap, I have to admit, but the products are of great quality and they are trying to save environment as much as they can. But I am sure you know all of that so let´s...Read More »

Top 5 Autumnal Nail Polishes

Keeping in the topic of autumn, I decided to show you my favourite nail polish of this season. Autumn for me is very colourful but on deep dark tones so this is what I chose.

Topshop Nails Heart of Gold

When I think of autumn, first think that comes to my...Read More »

Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

I do realize September has just started, but it is already getting colder outside and I am feeling autumnal. With that I started wearing darker lipsticks with colder undertones and here is my top 5

BarryM Matte Me Up Blowout

This matte liquid lip paint was given to me by one of...Read More »

Drugstore Haul

Stocking up on cosmetics and drugstore products is one of my favourite things. I usually take it over-board and buy things I don´t need, but I was really trying this time. Hence, this is one of the smaller hauls, but you can still find some new and nice things there!...Read More »

Skin Chemists - Glycolic Peel

I am always in search of masks and products that would help treat my acne. Most of the time they don´t work. But from time to time I manage to find a real gold. This mask is one of them. The only unfortunate thing is that it is crazy expensive...Read More »

Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

The sun is shining, it is getting warmer, summer is here and with that brighter colours are making their way into our lives – nails included. Here are my top 5 nail polishes of this year and this summer.


BarryM has a really nice collection of nail polishes and especially now...Read More »

Mario Badescu Skin Care

A few days ago, I found my skin became very unhappy and broke out horribly. My skin was lately in quite good condition so I don´t know what happened here but I needed products to come for rescue. So I found Mario Badescu.

Glycolic foaming cleanser

The worst thing is I got...Read More »

Hair Lightening DIY Hair Mask

Have you ever wanted your hair a bit lighter? But without using chemicals and hair colours? There are several things you can do like spending a lot of time at the sun, or creating your home DIY hair mask which will not only lighten your hair but also moisturize and...Read More »

Manuka Honey For Acne

I have been hearing a lot about using manuka honey as a face mask to fight acne, so I decided to do an experiment – have manuka honey mask every day for 10 days. And here is what I noticed.

First of all, the honey is quite expensive, especially if you...Read More »

L´Oreal Botanicals range

As you might know, L´Oreal has a new hair care range: Botanicals Fresh Care. I bought 3 out of 4 products to try out, these are in the Coriander set for damaged hair. The whole Botanicals rage is made without silicones, parabens and colorants and is...Read More »

Skin Chemists Products

I have recently purchased 2 products from Skin Chemists London and want to share my feelings about these. First of all, they are so expensive… but I think it might be worth it. Second of all, they smell so good. Now let´s get to it!

Glycolic Professional Peel

When I first...Read More »

Beauty Products Fails

I must admit I was a bit unlucky lately when picking up new beauty products and some of them really suck! I am here today to warn you, these products are not worth it!

Hair masks

I have bought not one but two hair masks within one month that are just...Read More »

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Matte Lipstick

I am constantly on a hunt for better and better lipsticks that would stay put during the whole day as I am lazy to reapply all the time. I have recently bought the praised Beauty Bakerie lip whip in Versailles and I put it to test.

Instantly, when I first...Read More »

Natural Beauty Products Haul

When it comes to my health and health of my skin I like to look at what I am giving to my body and so I often choose natural and organic products. I recently had to stock up on some of my beauty products and thought I would do a...Read More »

Giveaway - All About Nails

Hello all,

Christmas is over, New Year rolling and I decided to bring you a giveaway. I would like to do these on a regular basis and so I decided to make them themed. This time the theme is NAILS. I have one beautiful nail foil (arctic tides) and 5 different...Read More »

Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder

According to all fashion magazines, bushy and undone brows are & will be trendy. They would prefer girls and women not to fill their brows in, but my eyebrows are literally invisible in sunlight and I have some places where I visibly miss two or three hairs. I must say...Read More »

Winter lipsticks

It is that time of the year again. Crisp cold, minimal sunshine, dark clothing and dark lipsticks! Here are my 5 top winter lip products (all in the darker shades).

Max Factor X Mulberry 685

This colour is my favourite of them all. It is dark red (more on the brick...Read More »

Kailijumei Jelly Flower Lipstick

Many girls and women would agree finding the perfect lipstick is an art. Some don´t have the right texture, some don´t last long and some are simply not good enough. But, I have found one that is very close to being perfect – the Kailijumei flower lipstick.

Calling this thing a...Read More »

Zoella Perfumes

As you might know, I have bought the collection of Zoella perfumes from her X-mas collection not so long ago (haul here). These are miniature and so perfect for travelling or even trying out if you can´t find your scent as there are 4 in the box.

Blissful Mistful

Starting...Read More »

Cosmetics and Beauty Haul

I have recently bought quite a lot of things from Sephora, Boots and Superdrug so I thought I would make a collective haul of cosmetics and beauty products. I tried to only buy things that I don´t have or I am about to run out of them rather than buying...Read More »

Acne treatment

A lot of people, especially young adults, deal with acne these days. I don´t know whether it is caused by the food we are eating or the air we are breathing but there are many remedies for your acne. Here are some I have tried and some I have heard...Read More »

Haircare routine

I will be honest, I love my hair! Even though it is fine and gets damaged really quick, I still love my hair and enjoy my haircare routine. Because my hair is so fine and it gets oily I try not to overdo it with products and so my haircare...Read More »

Beauty and Skincare Travel Essentials

Travelling often requires you to select the best of your skincare and beauty products. Especially when you only have carry-on luggage and you need small packages. Here I show you what I carry with me on travels in term of make-up and skincare (i.e. not including shampoo, soap,…).


The only...Read More »

L´oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream

The summer has already started, the sun is shining and the temperatures are slowly rising. I say, it is time for new foundation that will survive the summer heats! I like choosing something lighter for the summer like BB creams or CC creams and so after a long search and...Read More »

Perfume favourites

Over the past few years I have tried many perfumes but only a few of them stuck with me. Once I find a perfume that I like and that suits me I do not ever change it for anything else (I only add new to my collection). Right now, I...Read More »

Morning Skincare Routine

Every morning I spend about an hour getting ready (shower, makeup, putting clothes on and breakfast), so I try to minimize my skincare routine to as little products as I can. I only use 2 or 3 products to keep it quick and I believe there is not much dirt...Read More »

Sephora Haul

I have been waiting for this for so long! I have been adding new products to my Sephora basket since January and finally the day has arrived. I always wait until I have enough products in my basket to make an order since the shipping, taxes and duties when delivering...Read More »

Top Summer Lipsticks

Summer is approaching fast and I thought it would be nice to show you my favourite summer lipsticks. These are in nude, orange and pink-y tones which work well with the sunlight and make you lips shine.

From left: Rimmel by Kate 38, Urban...Read More »

DIY Acne-Fighting Face Mask

The magic of home-made face masks consists in the possibility to tailor it for your skin type. You can play around with beneficial ingredients until you find something that works. Such an example is nutmeg and honey face mask that is good for fighting acne and acne scars. And as...Read More »

B. Confident Colour Correction Cream

As summer approaches I decided to go a bit lighter on my skin. BB creams are great things but I wanted to go even lighter. It would not survive in the heats anyways and my face would literally melt down. Can you imagine that? I have looked at several cc...Read More »

Night Time Skincare Routine

The best part of the day is when you can take your entire make up off, cleanse your face, put a face mask on and relax. My night time routine changes as I do not use peeling or face mask every day, but here are all of the products I currently...Read More »

B. Brilliant Lip Gloss

I am not gonna lie, I generally hate lip glosses. They are sticky, don´t last long enough and my hair always, but seriously always, ends up stuck to my lips. The B. Brilliant lip gloss forced itself into my shopping bag while shopping online and for some reason...Read More »